As a result of our experience and consistent focus on compliance, we have developed an exceptionally strong compliance footprint and pride ourselves on maintaining a straightforward, hands-on, honest approach.



Vital Solutions, Inc. (“Vital”) is an Accounts Receivable Management company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Vital works nationwide in all time zones, and provides customized outsourcing solutions for various industries, with specialized programs in the Automotive Finance, Credit Card and Utilities industries. We also provide contingency collections programs for Insurance Companies, Real Estate Lenders and Government Municipalities.

Vital provides these services through two wholly owned operating subsidiaries:

Vital Outsourcing Services, Inc. which performs First Party Customer Care and Delinquency Management Services; and Vital Recovery Services, LLC which is a fully licensed, national, third-party collection agency performing bad debt recovery and skip tracing services.

Vital also offers lettering and statement services via a licensing agreement with a multi-purpose, vertically integrated print and mail shop. Vital operates on a flexible schedule so that we are available to service your customers during prime-time work hours.

Vital Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2002

Vital was founded by accomplished collection industry veterans, Chris Shuler and Chris Gugala whose combined accounts receivable management experience spans over 45 years. Their expertise includes collections at both early and late stage delinquencies, across various industries including Auto Finance, Credit Card, and Utilities. Vital has attracted top industry talent resulting in a dynamic management infrastructure to support Technology, Operations, Finance, Administration, Training and Compliance.

Shuler and Gugala’s original vision was to build a successful business by creating a team of specialists dedicated to nurturing a vital partnership with each client and, through sound, innovative programs, help them realize greater success and profitability.

In a relatively short period of time, amazing things have happened. Through experience, hard work, dedicated on-site daily ownership management and a desire to be the best of the best, that vision is now a reality. With over 100 clients and $5.0 billion in annual placements, Vital is thriving and making a significant bottom line difference for business partners nationwide. We invite you to be part of that success.


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